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Bike Story

"I had a dream from a very young age - to have a bike of my own. When I did, I was the happiest boy in Liverpool and in the whole world. At night, most kids leave their bikes in the backyard, and I put it in my house, even in my bed the first night." Rock icon John Lennon fondly recalls his first bike.

It should be said that bikes are not a simple means of transportation, but a dream and an attitude to life. It can be the best leisure toy for children, or a must-have street shooting tool for supermodels. Opinion leaders can ride bikes to promote national fitness, and couples can also ride to the suburbs to chase the sunset... lifestyle on two wheels , brings the simplest joy.

About Medimax

Today in the new century, energy is putting more and more pressure on human beings on the environment, and people's calls to improve their living environment as soon as possible are getting louder and louder. In order to adapt to this development trend, the commercialization of electric bikes is accelerating, and Medimax electric bikes came into being. As a leading manufacturer of electric bikes, Medimax provides consumers with safe and reliable products with good driving experience and fun, and inherits the concept of healthy and happy life.

In big cities, Medimax electric bikes are ideal as a small, medium-speed, short-distance daily transportation. At the same time, the off-road experience in the outdoors is also very good! Compared with traditional bikes, it saves time, effort and more convenient. Compared with traditional cars, it is cleaner, greener, more economical, and improves the utilization and safety of roads.

Years experience of electric bike & scooter
Technical staff & production workers
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Satisfied clients throughout world

Our Philosophy

Technology to create a happy life is Medimax's design and business philosophy. Medimax's concept is integrated into the design details of bikes, people-oriented, and respect for user experience, making Medimax stand out among many peers.

Electric bikes have become a must-have convenient travel tool for almost every family, and we are in an era where bikes are back in fashion. In the future, we will see such a scene: teenagers, young people, middle-aged and old people riding electric bikes, shuttle in cities and fields, seaside and mountains, shuttle in every corner we can touch.

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