48V22Ah 500W Disc Brick E-Bike Z8

Short Description:

maximum speed limit: 45KM

Battery: 48V Lithium Battery Plastic Case

controller: 48V 22A

Full battery life: 40km

Meter: LCD display speed and battery

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Drive mode: Rear drive

Climbing gradient: About 30% (slope) is about 20 degrees (condition: 75Kg)

Riding road: Cement, asphalt pavement, flat dirt pavement, no higher than 5cm steps, no more than 3cm wide trenches

Brake method (brake lever): Front wheel disc brake (left brake lever) + rear wheel disc brake (right brake lever)

Braking distance: 22km/h speed

1. The braking distance of single brake is less than or equal to 7m in dry state

2. Double brake Braking distance in dry state≤4.4m

Charging time: About 8 hours

Charging temperature range: Available (-10~40℃) Recommended (-10~30℃)

Nominal load: ≤120kg

Headlight: When the LED is turned on, the driving lights are on, and the headlights are on when the headlight switch is turned on.

Taillight: LED tail lights (The running light is on when it is turned on, and the brake light is on when braking)

The width light: none

Trumpet: Left switch control

Frame: High-carbon steel

Vehicle size mm: Length 1620; Width 760; Height 1080

Front wheel: Driven wheel 20*4.0 (spoke hub) Pneumatic tire 160 brake disc

Rear wheel: 48V 500W drive wheel 20*4.0 pneumatic tire 160 brake disc

Tire: 20 inch * 4.0 Zhengxin tire

Damping system: Front and rear double shock absorption

Operating temperature: (-10~40℃)

Storage temperature: Available (-20~40℃) Recommended (5~30°C)

Maximum storage time: Factory state (70% battery) ~180days Battery exhausted state <120days

Wheelbase: 1050mm

Ground clearance: 140mm

Steering angle: 54 degrees

Whether to fold: Not collapsible

Vehicle size L×W×H: 1620mm×760mm×1080mm

Vehicle protection level: IP34

Charger: External 48V 2A

Product Advantages

1. Rear drive: The rear drive motor provides super traction and stability during acceleration, making climbing easier.

2. Powerful climbing slope: with a climbing slope of about 30%, even if it weighs 75 kg, it can easily control a steep hill with a slope of up to 20 degrees.

3. Applicable to various road surfaces: The bicycle is suitable for cement, asphalt roads, and even flat dirt roads. It can also handle small steps up to 5 cm high and trenches up to 3 cm wide.

4. Efficient braking system: The bicycle adopts double disc brakes, which can provide safe and effective braking force. Stop within 7 meters with a single brake on dry land, and within 4.4 meters with double brakes under the same conditions.

5. LED Lighting System: The bike has an LED lighting system that allows you to easily navigate the road at night. The headlights are on when the switch is turned on, and the taillights are on when the running lights are on.

6. Sturdy and durable frame: The high carbon steel frame is strong and durable, ensuring that the bike can bear up to 120kg.

7. Stable riding: Double shock absorption at the front and rear, making the bike comfortable and stable to ride on bumpy roads.

8. Easy to operate: The horn's left switch control and easy-to-use handbrake make the operation of the bicycle quick and easy.

9. Environmental protection: Electric bicycles do not emit any pollutants and are an environmentally friendly mode of transportation.

10. High protection level: The protection level of the whole vehicle is IP34, which can withstand various weather conditions.

11. Long battery life: The bike's battery is designed to last up to 180 days in the factory state and no more than 120 days when fully drained, ensuring the bike is always ready to ride.

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