Subsidies For E-bikes From French Government

The French government has increased subsidies to up to 4,000 euros per person for people who trade petrol cars for e-bikes, the Times reported, in an effort to incentivise people to abandon polluting modes of transport for cleaner, greener alternatives .

It is reported that people living in low-income households in low-emission urban areas in France are eligible to receive a subsidy of 4,000 euros for the purchase of electric bicycles if they replace their cars (traditional non-motorized vehicles are also eligible for incentives).


IT House understands that France first introduced such subsidies last year and has recently increased them. The French government says it wants 9% of the country to switch to cycling by 2024, up from 3% now. The Dutch figure in this area is as high as 27%, and the French government hopes to catch up with the Netherlands in this area.

This policy is modeled after a very successful program in Lithuania, in which citizens of the country are eligible for subsidies of up to 1000 euros for the purchase of a new electric bike, scooter, moped , motorcycles, and also get public transport points after exchanging used cars.

But France is not just spending money on personal subsidies. The government has also said it will invest 250 million euros (about 1.705 billion yuan) to fully bicycle the city of Paris. The city's mayor, Anne Hidalgo, won re-election last year, pledging to add another 130 kilometers of safe bike lanes over the next five years.

Post time: Sep-13-2022

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