36V10.4Ah 350W Disc Brick E-Bike Cybertrack 100

Short Description:

Battery voltage: 48V 10.4AH

Motor: 500W

Battery: 48V/10.4Ah

Max Speed: 20MPH

Range: 60Km

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Product Features

T5 Frame AL6061 with removeable battery pak.

Thumb Throttle on Handlebars.

21-Speed, front 3-speed, rear 7-speed.

Torque Pedal Assist.

Mechanical front and rear disc brakes can make a bike more maneuverable, more responsive to road bumps, and easier to control.

Aluminum shoulder cover anode black Standard installation method no break stud, 25.4mm*28.6mm, 40mm distance.

Standard installation aluminum disc brakes, configurate 160mm disc.

LCD smart display with back light.

Double hall 12 pulse speed sensor.

Fast charging within 3 hours.

Battery voltage: 36V 10.4AH

Motor: 350W

Battery: 36V/10.4Ah

Max Speed: 20MPH

Wheel: 27.5‘’ * 2.1‘’

Material: Alu alloy

Safe and confortable front suspension.

Transmission: Shifter 1* 21s

Range: 60 km

Bicycle Weight: 46.3 LBS

Load Capacity: Max 309 LBS

Product Advantages

1. T5 frame AL6061 with removable battery pack, durable and easy to maintain.

2. The thumb throttle on the handlebar can easily accelerate and control the speed.

3. SHIMANO 21-speed drivetrain, 3-speed front and 7-speed rear, provides smooth, easy pedaling to cover long distances.

4. Torque pedal assist provides a power boost while pedaling, allowing you to climb hills and reach higher speeds with ease.

5. Mechanical front and rear disc brakes provide better braking force and handling, making the bike more maneuverable and responsive to road bumps.

6. Aluminum shoulder cover anodized black, standard installation method, no broken nails, 25.4mm*28.6mm, 40mm spacing, to ensure stability and durability.

7. The standard 160mm aluminum disc brake has good braking performance and quick response.

8. The LCD smart display with backlight provides real-time information on speed, battery life and other trip data, making the ride safe and enjoyable.

9. Dual Hall 12-pulse speed sensors ensure accurate data, better performance and higher efficiency.

10. Fast charging within 3 hours minimizes downtime and maximizes riding time.

11. Large-capacity 36V 10.4AH battery with powerful 350W motor provides longer distance and higher speed.

12. Safe and comfortable front suspension for smooth driving on all terrains.

13. Gearbox: shifter 1* 21s, shifting smoothly and sensitively.

14. The maximum speed of 20MPH allows fast and comfortable travel.

15. Wheels: 27.5'' * 2.1'' Aluminum alloy material is used to provide a strong and stable foundation for the bicycle.

16. Load capacity: up to 309 LBS, ensuring durability for carrying riders and cargo.

17. Range: 60 km Allows for extended rides and exploring new areas.

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